The Key Fob Fixer

We are the UK’s leading mail order specialist, dealing with your remote key, key fob and immobiliser problems. Our business began over 30 years ago and we have repaired and replaced thousands of keys over the years including over two decades working as a mobile auto electronics locksmith. We offer a 7 day service repairing and replacing your immobiliser or remote keys. Please contact us if you are unsure of how to proceed, as we have nearly 40 years in the business and we can repair or replace most electronic problems from most vehicle manufacturers.

About car key fob repairs from Automotive Electronics

Within the last decade we have spent more than £75,000 on the most up to date soldering and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) repair equipment.  This puts our workshop at the forefront of the UK automotive electronics business, so that we are now probably the only company that has the capability of repairing virtually any type of error or fault on the majority of boards used in central locking key remotes today.

We don’t just clean it and change the battery, like some other online key fob repair companies!

Get the job done right, first time, at the longest established UK button key repair service.