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Is your  Vision alarm remote taking a while to open the car? Does the case look scruffy? Well The Key Fob Fixer can help as we will be able to refurb or repair your car key or alarm remote at our central UK workshops. If there are any parts or electrical components that have stopped working we can fully refurbish the whole unit by replacing any faulty or failing parts and put the whole key back together so it looks brand new. We are also able to supply a new key and re-code it to your vehicle, just phone us or email us at

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Full refurbishment of your key: £ 71.95 + VAT & Postage
Self-Fit Kit for your key: £ 31.95 + VAT & Postage

HERE’S HOW TO ORDER: We are 15 mins from M6 Jnctn 16 you can call 01782 518086 or 07711 660980 and make an appointment to call in person and have your item refurbished while you wait.

If you don’t, then you can send it by post (please use recorded delivery) put it in a jiffy bag (not just an envelope) please include your telephone number (preferably a mobile) and we will call you when it’s done for payment.

Please send to;
The Key Fob Fixer
Sunnyside Wainlee

Each key we work on needs to have previously worked in your vehicle for our repair service to be guaranteed. Your original car key blade will be re-fixed to your fully refurbished fob, but if this is not practical or available then we can fit a new key blade and you can get that re-cut once we have returned it by post, or we can recommend our local key cutter if you are coming to collect the item from our workshop. All our services for immobilisers or key repairs are made subject to our terms and conditions which you will find at We only sell and deliver within the UK, so do not post us immobilisers or keys from outside the UK. Thank you.

The Key Fob Fixer gives you a full years guarantee on all new parts we use, together with a 2 month warranty on repaired key fobs or repaired parts.

We don’t guarantee batteries under warranty, nor the actual metal blades of your key if they are twisted or damaged on receipt. We also don’t offer warranties for the emblem on your fob.

Car Key Remotes can also be called key fobs, plips, central locking remotes or car key zappers. The Key Fob Fixer offers a full repair, replacement or refurbishment for any key fob remotes. Car key fob repairs and key remote replacements is our main automotive service but we are also an immobiliser bypass and immobiliser repair specialist as well.

Please contact us if you are unsure of how to proceed, as we have nearly 40 years in the business and can refurbish, repair or solve virtually any vehicle electronic problem.

You can pay for your key fob repair with a debit or credit card